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    • Site but got locked out for no reason 7
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    • Being locked out 11
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My account always locks me out. And when I do get in it says I am offline Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 07
  • #896481

Mingle2 is nothing but a scam site. The pictures on there are not the actual people you think ur talking to. I have met some of the people in person like at restaurants and coffee shops they are completely diffetent in person. On the site the people can't write or even spell. Mingle 2 is a scam.

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i couldn't sent out messages i don't know why ,,it keeps telling me to request for an admin review,,i don't know what this means ,haven't been through this before..i want you guy fix it up asap,,thanks .i really need to get my chat list ,,please go through this for me ,i don't like such thing ,,asking me how real i am ,, ,, i hope i hear from you in hours ,,i'd really appreciate if you could help me out on it a,, Mr Admin ,,i have never been... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 04
  • #894427

I have been banned from using and I don't know why I am real I want to find the guy for me but you have made it hard all I want is to get back in contact with the guys I was talking to that I wanted to get to know please fix so I can please

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 27
  • #889423

I want my account put back on my phone number is 07808086037 wild heart user name i live in cheshire cw57ee

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I dnt have bank account and want to pay you $5.86 how i pay and also tell me how much is in pakistani ruppes

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Hi mingle 2 . My account has been banned and there is no explaination of why . i did nit even get a notification for my account getting banned. If someone reported me he could be wrongly reporting me. U cant just ban a person u should only block comunication with that person. Now would you please guide how to come back to mingle 2 ? And this is not the way to handle reports i dont even know if i made any comments to deserve to b reported. Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 16
  • #866869

Hello sir/ma I signed in Mingle2 on 13 June, 2016. I choose from the option to pay 5:19 USD for me to have full access. So I paid with my naira debit master card which I expected they should not remove more than 2,000 naira according to current exchange rate but I was surprised that 26,263:16 naira was deducted from my account. I was over charged. Please I need refund

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I log in as please review my account.

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 10
  • #863196

hello. im donald i. log into my account with my email and i have been lock down i donnt really know what wrong with ny account pls i need you support and get my account back

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