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This was my first step back into online dating after a long time, and I WISH I could take a step back.Not only did it become apparent that this is a cesspool of scammers, both male and female, with obvious and annoying fake profiles, but whoever is running this sham operation may even be behind it.

Certainly they're doing nothing to stop it. They do have "advice" to beware the scammers and encourage to report them, but when you do, nothing happens to them, and if you report enough, somehow YOU get locked out for suspected abuse. The "locked out" page we all see says "if there's an error, your account will be reinstated shortly." Again, nothing happens and there's no way to contact them. There's also no way to cancel the auto-renew on my credit card!

No email or message or phone number or address has been supplied to me, a paying customer and apparently to no one else either. What exactly happened before my account became locked was: I was browsing these fake profiles, if for no other reason than to be amused at how bad the english is or incongruous the info is, but also to report them. I told one I was going to report "her" and bam, my account was locked down.

For that to happen so quickly, without explanation and apparently permanently, suggests to me that they're all working together.And with users all over the world, when this busts open, it will be big.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Funsizecatdad stated that there is a room for improvement of being locked out and fake pictures and member profiles. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss not as described of mingle2 online dating and associated monetary loss in the amount of $30. Mingle2 needs to "full refund and written guarantee that cc will not be charged again come auto-renew date" according to poster's claims.

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