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i've tried many online dating sites and have found many repeated scams. i recently signed up wth MINGLE2 and noticed quickly that all my computer matched partners were either deleted or had not been on the site for over 1 month.

then i recieved a nudge, and then a message from a local. this local had not previously shown up in my many searches. we exchanged a nudge and a message each. within 5 hours of his initial contact his profile was deleted.

then i recieved a "someone viewed your profile" message, at which point i was made aware that i have to pay and upgrade to find out who this mystery viewer is. also i could not delete that particular message from my profile inbox.

to explore the idea of scammers on MINGLE2 i went back to the search engine and found the 'scammer' site associated with MINGLE2, they are one and the same. then after reading some of the posted threads on their forum i noticed that it's the same few members in southern USA that try their best to answer all post's and reply with a load of convincing hogwash.

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I wrote to girl, saying she was from my area on her profile. She wanted me to write to her email address instead of chatting/writing to her on site.

It turns out she actually from Russia. I thought i was writing to a lovely woman from my area, and in reality (or was it reality) she from elsewhere. She said she was orphan, 4 days writing to her she told me she was in love with me. She told me she was coming to see me but insisted i met her at an airport not local to me.

And she wanted me to pay for her ticket.

Every letter she pleaded for money for her ticket. I did not send her any money and after a week of getting bored with reading how poor she was and unable to afford her plane ticket, i stopped writing to her, and i never heard from her for ages, thankfully.


I've had at least twenty chat on mingle 2 everyone was failures

Everyone i talk too ask for money or iPhone card these amounts they ask for are totally insane.

There from Ghana and Nigeria west Africa.

Their are so many out there and there only talking too the men 50 year's and up.

Showing their nude body's too get money. Want you too start a bank account in your name and send them the card.or take pictures of your credit cards and send them too them.they always use different names. And uses a third-party too get the money.

Money grams, wire money western union.

I'm very tired of them you don't know who too trust and who not.

to Anonymous #1379997

Hi mingle2 is a totally boguss sight. Full of scammers.

It supposedly owned by a guy in India. They will try to get you to launder money, i cards, cash to their account. The problem is...no regulations and protection for consumers over the internet .

I really hate this site. I wasted so much time.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #1219075

It's only got scams, every person I spoke to asked for a dating ID to know you're safe to date,WTF I say no they say ok here's the link all you need is you're credit card details for age no way you're credit card details would know if you are a sex offender so obvious, they don't ask for drivers license they would need access to criminal records credit card won't do that they don't ask for drivers license because they can't take money from that, it's amazing how many scams there are on mingle.


I went to Mingle 2 and didn't lose any money just contacted by a money laundering scam.

to Anonymous #1353935

I to was scammed I was texting a girl for about a few days then they said they need a iTunes gift card for work and I was the only one that could give her one


Hi it's Stephan la Montana from Tasmania.

So freaking True!!!! Mingle it self is a SCAM I tthink the operaters them self are the scammers.

Scam after scam I posted on the forum topic to let people be careful not to fall in love with a picture!!

They deleted the comment and Iaasked why they said it actually makes it worse what da *** !!??

to Anonymous Meridian, Idaho, United States #1280402

I agree with your synopsis the company is evolved, they're selling bogus profiles of interested parties. That always turnout to be frauds...

I have met 12 orphans in a row, that for one reason or another are now living somewhere other than where their profiles indicate.


have not recieved my code so i can send email if i dont get cancel this site this is really bad


Free it may be, but a complete waste of time, 97% scammers, trolls 'community,' *** moderators who will shut you down if you mention scamming.

Seems pretty clear this was set up by scammers for scammers. Google NEXTC for some interesting dirt on the management.

For your own sake folks, seriously, stay away no matter how desperate you may feel.


Head office is in California. Owners / founders have been taken to court before.

Basically a scam site, set up for scammers. You might find the occasional real person I suspect, but there is no feeling of trust or safety here.

And, is there only one scammers handbook? I have heard the same bs stories so many times.


Registered as living in US.

First contact will often state they are in Africa, have lost both parents in a car crash. These people are so pathetic and I really resent the time I wasted there.


Yeah, you are right, I also am seeing this site as one filled with bulldust in order to entice many into the ole' upgrade routine.

Below is a response I replied with recently and never received a word.

Have I become skeptical with the whole mingle2 as it purports to be?

I mean do you work for this mob?

Should I consider this site to be nothing but an honourless business sham?


Roelofarendsveen, South Holland, Netherlands #961562

As with all dating sites, the weird and not-for-real people are everywhere. Mingle2 is slightly different however.

I have had tonnes of messages from women who were inactivated soon. And many profiles don't seem to be up-to-date or even in use.

Despite all of this, I managed to meet real women from mingle2, simply by asking for e-mail addresses as soon as possible from women not too far away from my location. The idea is to use mingle2 only to get acquainted, and then to get out of it as quickly as possible. As soon as you have someone's e-mail address, you can ask for a neutral meeting at a convenient place for both of you.

Meeting the person in real life is the only guarantee against scam.

It doesn't look like mingle2 is a scam. Its services are free so never even think of paying for it!

It worked for me, eventually. But patience is what you need most since the real contact seekers are scarce!

Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States #901175

To Everyone feeling scammed. I believe the whole site is a scam as like the other comments different men send me the same messages or very close .

Like Hi beautiful loved your profile .All seem to also be military. I believe they try to hook you into a membership thinking everyone is desperate .Also if one more man tells me his wife has died I will scream at least be original.

Someone should really investigate this site I just don't know who to report it to. Do not send them money.

to Anonymous #916951

I had the same experience. At least 4 men who claimed to be American Servicemen serving overseas, all of them claim to be 5'6" and they all had dead wives.

Several of them had children that their sister was taking care of.

Oh baby I love you so much, I want to hold you in my arms forever. They asked for money, gold jewelery and cell phones.

I believe they are lifting photos and profiles from Facebook, creating fake pages and fake profiles.

I feel sorry for the real people whose names and photos are being used to scam others.

I am concerned they will use my personal information from my communications with them to create a fake profile in my name and scam other people.

Pathetic that people behave like this.

to Anonymous #1061793

I have several idiots who are "widowed" tell me how beautiful my smile is and how I light up their life. Mostly claiming to be from the military, but if you are careful and know anything about America's military structer it doesn't take long to catch the fakes.

And so far I don't think I have had one real person contact me. I use to be what I would call very attractive. I am 56 and over weight, I am no longer beautiful so that is kind of getting old. Your smile lights up my life, god has put us together.

Not using the the capital in God. So many other things. I had one guy who "owned his own multi-million dollar company" asked me for money to help an employee's family because the employee was hurt and died in an accident.

I am so sick of all the BS it isn't even funny. How does a 56 year old women who doesn't do bars meet a nice guy.

Texas, United States #887664

SCAM.....I recentry got on this site, but soon noticed a pattern in my notifications. They were all close to identical in their profile and in their responses.

They all wanted me to give them my cell or email to correspond with them. I did give my home phone and when I called the # on the Cid it went to an automated recording that said the extension was busy..clearly a call center. .when I contacted the person via the site he became indignant saying he was mad at me for thinking he was a scam..and yes, he had a heavy accent that he said was because he was from Denmark. .accent or not he didn't have good grammar.

.for an educated professional of 'engineer'..coincidentally the same profession as the numerous other responses I received. .SCAM

Dayton, Ohio, United States #839936

I completely agree. I have suspected for some time that fake profiles were the main contributors in the forums.


Been on the site for over 6 years now and glad that i haven't meet any scammer so far ,and MINGLE 2 for me is the BEST DATING site I ever had.If you want to know more about people you should participate in their forum section-one way of knowing and meeting real people.My opinion scammers are everywhere is just a matter of using our common sense and judgment in able not to be trap in their bait....

to ***cerned citizen Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #617101

Mingle 2 is part scam, part possibility. It aint free if you wanna meet someone.

Many online profiles have been deleted or are fake, uses as come ons.

You're better off mweting someone in the grocery store or at a restaurant. Just have some balls and go cup to someone and Talk.

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