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many people put fake profiles and pictures. many want phone numbers to chat only but they claim their phone can only give text messages and can't call or receive phone calls so you never know who you are actually texting nor do they have a laptop with a working cam .

and of course after several chats via texting then they have some emergency and want you to send money to them without never actually meeting them or hearing their voice. i was scammed closed to $900.00 from a person I met on mingle. I bought her a laptop and a 3 year warranty, wallmart i tunes card, wallmart gift card, makeup kit, and brazillian hair extensions. and never met her and she claimed that she could not get online with the $500.00 wallmart laptop that I bought her and mailed to her and wanted me to send her another Wallmart itunes card.

That was an expensive learning lesson. Or if they say that they want to meet then they want you to get a id card so that they can " feel safe". and of course to get the id card. a credit card is required for "age verification .

" which I did and then my credit card was charged and given to other sites which my bank had to cancel and renew a new credit card. Another few i have received is after a few emails they have to go overseas to claim their late fatger's or mother's inheritance and need some financial help in form of plane fare or hotel fare . and of course they claim to be deeply in love with you and promise to repay back the loan needed to travel and claim their inheritance. or they want you to buy and send them a wallmart itunes card before meeting.

or they live far away and want you to send them money in order to travel o meet you and when you tell them that you will drive to pick them up or meet then they say that they do not like driving in cars . i had one woman told me thta her Doctor told her not to drive in any cars because of her heat condition and she got angry and abusive when i would not send her ay money.

these are 90 % percent of the people I have met so far on Mingle2 . And when I say that I don't send money to anyone i have not met in person then they quickly lose interest or get very abusive with profanity.

Review about: Mingle2 Profile.

I liked: Being to able to chat with someone on week-ends, Hope that i would actually meet someone who is real.

I didn't like: Being scammed, Fake profiles and pictures, Asked for credit card info for id to meet someone, Attempts of being scammed.

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